The Composting Toilet Process

Composting is a natural process in which aerobic bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms break down organic matter. The success of this process relies upon the environmental conditions within the composting system as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, moisture and temperature (68°F to 135°F) allow the microorganisms to thrive.

To enhance the biological action within the composting system a bulking agent, such as pine shavings, should be introduced. A bulking agent improves porsity and aeration through the composting mass which improves the performance of the composting process. The periodic addtion of earth worms is also helpful as they move through the compost mass allowing oxygen and moisture penetration.

Over a period of time the waste in the composting system is reduced by up to 90% of its volume through the composting process. The end product is aerated fertile organic humus, similar to garden soil, with no objectionable odor.

How CTS composting toilets work

All CTS composting toilets are designed for odorless operation using aerobic decomposition, commonly called composting. The digester tank has a sloping floor upon which the accumulated waste, toilet paper, tissues, and other organic materials form the composition mass. Baffle walls and air channels provide an oxygen-rich environment for the ever present microorganisms that thoroughly digest and decompose the accumulating organic materials. This aerobic decomposition generates heat, and heat rises naturally, carrying moisture-laden air and carbon dioxide up and out the vent stack. There is no methane gas produced. This natural air flow is assisted by either an AC or DC fan to create negative air pressure inside the digester tank. When the toilet seat is opened, air and gases are drawn down through the toilet seat and up the vent stack, leaving the restroom odorless. As the digesting waste slowly moves down the sloping floor, up to 90% of its volume is eliminated by decomposition and evaporation. The end product is aerated fertile organic humus, similar to garden soil, with no objectionable odor and easily removed through the access door.



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