Projects by Composting Toilet Systems, Inc.

Public Facilities

Sites featuring CTS Composting Systems

Buffalo Bill Damn Visitor Center

Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center
Cody, WY
(5) CTS-1010's and (1) CTS-914
(7) toilets (3) urinals
Up to 178,800 users per year

Shuster Hall

Juniata College's Shuster Hall
Huntingdon, PA
(2) CTS-904's with (3) toilets
LEED certified building

Papaka Shooting Ground
Ulupalakua, Maui, Hawaii
1) CTS-904 with (2) toilets
PV solar powered venting

Cottonwood Campground
Grand Canyon National Park

(4) CTS-1010's (1) toilet each
PV solar powered daylight only venting
with solar hot air collectors for the digesters

Organ Pipe

Organ Pipe National Monument
Ajo, AZ
(1) CTS-1010 with (2) toilets
PV solar powered venting with solar hot
air collector for digester


Fort Bowie National Historical Monument
Dos Cabezaz, AZ
(1) CTS-1010 with (2) toilets
PV solar powered venting with solar hot air collector for digester

Coronado National Monument
Hereford, AZ
(1) CTS-1010 with (2) toilets
PV solar powered venting with solar hot air collector for digester


Grenada Lake

Grenada Lake, USACE
Grenada Lake, MS

(2) CTS-1010's with (4) toilets, (1) stainless steel urinal
(2) CTS-710's with (4) toilets, (1) stainless steel urinal

Point Roberts Golf Course

Point Roberts Golf & Country Club
Point Roberts, WA
3 sites-(3) CTS-904's (2) toilets each
2 sites using PV solar powered venting

Sacheen Lake

Sacheen Lake Community Park
Pend Oreille County, WA
(1) CTS-1010 with (2) toilets (1H)
Daylight only solar venting

Sand Island
City of St. Helens, OR

(3) CTS-904's with (6) toilets and (1) stainless steel urinal. Solar power venting systems.

Prairie Duneland Trail
Portage, IN

(1) CTS-1010 with (2) toilets.

Nueces River Park
Corpus Christi, TX

(1) CTS-904 with (3) stainless steel toilets



Sites featuring CTS Restroom Buildings & Composting Systems


City of Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan, CO
CP-400 featuring (1) CTS-904 with
(4) toilets and (1) urinal
PV solar powered vent system

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake, USACE
Branson, MO
CP-400 featuring
(2) CTS-1010's with (4) toilets (2H)
There are a total of (6) CTS units around this lake


Bangor Sub Base
Trident Lake Recreation Area Silverdale, WA

CP-400 featuring (1) CTS-904 and (4) toilets. Building includes skylights and privacy sreens.

Tyranena Park
Lake Mills, WI
CP-200 featuring (1) CTS-1010
with (2) toilets


Sites featuring the CTS Outback Composting Systems


Boy Scouts of America
Florida National High Adventure Sea Base
Islamorada, FL
(5) CTS-Outbacks with (2) toilets each (2) PV solar panels

Saguaro National Park
Tucson, AZ

Through a contract with the National Park Service, CTS supplied three CTS Outback systems. 


Helping to conserve water throughout the United States


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