Recent Projects by Composting Toilet Systems, Inc.

Recent Projects List

  • Wharton Township Recreational Park: Farmington, PA - Supplied one CTS-904 with two toilet and one urinal.
  • Kaatsi Camp: Lakeside, AZ - Provided one CTS-Outback with two poly toilets and solar venting equipment.
  • Saguaro National Park: Tucson, AZ - Through a contract with the National Park Service, CTS supplied three CTS Outback systems.
  • Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area, Louisa County Conservation Board: Columbus Junction, IA - CTS provided one CTS-904 with two toilets and a liquid respray system.
  • Buffalo Bill Dam Site Visitor Center, Bureau of Land Reclamation: Cody, WY -  CTS provided digesters, venting and fixtures for the facility to accommodate up to 1600 uses per day with a total annual usage number of 178,800. 
  • Hopi Indian Tribe: Flagstaff, AZ -  CTS provided two CTS-904 composting toilets, two urinals and solar equipment. One located in Keams Canyon and one located in Pasture Canyon.
  • Mt. Philo State Park, Vermont State Parks: Charlotte, VT - Provided two CTS-904 composting systems with six toilet,two Kohler urinals, and two greywater filtration tanks.
  • Ray Roberts Lake State Park, USACE: Pilot Point, TX -  CTS provided all composting toilets, seven restroom buildings, and all solar equipment. 
  • Cottonwood Campground, Grand Canyon National Park: Grand Canyon, AZ -  CTS provided composting toilets, solar hot air collectors, and all solar equipment. 

International Experience

  • Sales of CTS composting toilets have been shipped to Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Malta, and Pulau.
  • Over 300 CTS composting toilets have been shipped throughout the United States and internationally.


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