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CTS has been a distributor of Sun-Mar products since 1992.

There are two different categories of Sun-Mar systems to choose from: Self Contained units or Central Composting Toilet Systems. All models, some 15 in number, fit into one of these two categories. Within each category we offer units for any power system; on-grid, off-grid, or no power at all.

Finding the toilet best suited to your need is as easy as selecting the right category by following these simple steps.

1. Self-Contained or Central Units

Self-Contained Units


These untis are installed directly in the bathroom. The 2" vent pipe exits top rear so the vent can be installed invisibly by running through the bathroom wall and up the outside.


  • Water Free.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Easy to winterize.
  • Electrical units can normally evaporate all liquids.

Central Units

Centrex 1000These units are placed below the toilet, and are available either as a Water Flush unit with an extra low flush toilet, or as a Water Free (AF) unit with a Sun-Mar Dry Toilet.


Water Free Central Units

  • Feature a "tradtional looking" toilet in the bathroom.
  • Must be directly below the toilet
  • Evaporate all or most of the liquid
  • Require no flushing liquid.

Water Flush Central Units

  • Feature a "traditional looking" toilet in the bathroom with waterseal.
  • Can 15-20 feet from the toilet
  • Require a drain connection
  • Can handle multiple toilets.

2. Electric, Non-Electric or AC/DC

Electric Units

If you have a standard electricity supply, a regular electrical unit would be the choice. These units feature high quality squirrel cage blower fans and thermostatically controlled heaters. Mobile units have 12 Volt fans and 115 Volt heaters.

  • These units feature 2" vents that exit top rear so the vent can be installed invisibly by running through the bathroom wall and up the outside.

Non-Electric Units

If you have no power or are using alternative energy, select an NE (non-electric) unit.

  • These units featurea 4" vent stack. A 12 Volt fan is not needed unless the unit is used residentially or if there are special circumstances.

AC/DC Units

If you are expecting 115 Volt power in the future, have frequent power outages or are running a generator for 12 or more hours per day, select a dual vented AC/DC unit.

  • This is a regular electric unit with 2" vent which uses a 12 Volt fan in a separate 4" vent stack when regular 115 Volt power is not available. A 12 Volt DC fan is included with all AC/DC units.

3. Capacity and Color


Finally, pick a unit with the right capacity for your needs. Keep in mind that although advertised capacities can be doubled for short periods, Sun-Mar has found that wherever possible it is always better to have a good margin of safety. So, pick a unit with more capacity than you really need.


Self-contained units other than Mobile units are available in white, as well as the standard bone color



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